Story of Journey Church 

Journey Church began with a decision in February of 2010.   Formerly known as 'White Mountain Chapel', the church was struggling in many ways.   Being a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the District Superintendent came in and gave two options: close the doors or start over.  After several meetings and prayerful consideration a vote was taken regarding which path to choose.  Of those still attending White Mountain Chapel the vote was overwhelmingly cast to start over.  They firmly believed that God had a plan to do an amazing work in the White Mountain Region, and they were willing to do whatever it would take to be a part of it.

In April of 2010 the process began to find a new pastor.  The District Superintendent contacted Pastor Trevor Skalberg and so began his 'journey' to Conway.  Pastor Trevor was officially called to pastor the church in May and preached his first message in Conway on June 27th.

With the new pastor came many changes, and there are many more to come.  White Mountain Chapel officially became Journey Church on December 14th, 2010.   Changing the name of the church is an outward expression of what is happening internally.  We, as a church and as a body of believers in Jesus Christ, are seeking to be different.  The term 'journey' itself embodies the fact that change is a process.  It's a process that has only just begun, and will be ongoing for quite some time.

In July of 2012 Journey purchased an 8 acre lot down the road from our current facility with the vision of building a new worship center in the coming years.  We have come a long way since then and God has done an amazing work. In October of 2017 we moved into our new space and are loving the opportunities it is providing us! 

In all of this, we have a deep commitment to live our lives in and outside of the church as authentic followers of Jesus. We're not perfect, and never will be, but we are relentlessly pursuing a Holy God who is full of grace and mercy for those who will come to Him. We desire to show the world around us that Jesus is real, He is serious about lives, and He is seeking a relationship with anyone who will put their trust in Him alone.  Nothing disqualifies you from salvation in Jesus Christ!

Story of the C&MA

The Alliance movement began in the 1880's when our founder, Dr. A.B. Simpson, witnessed the physical and spiritual plight of New York City’s homeless, downtrodden, and marginalized populations.

Moved by his great love for Jesus and lost people, Simpson devoted his life to sharing Jesus’ light—in word and deed—with the city and, ultimately, the nations.

Our calling remains unchanged.  We are committed to begin points of light - sharing good news to the poor, comforting the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives and releasing prisoners from darkness - all in Jesus' Name.  We're a people with an uncompromising drive to go!

Today, the C&MA supports 800 missionaries in 58 nations and partners with churches in 81 countries.

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Great Commission Fund

C&MA missionaries are financed through The Great Commission Fund (GCF). You can designate gifts to the GCF, which enables missionaries to reach lost people for Christ, trains national leaders, provides medical help to needy patients and helps start new C&MA Churches in the US. 

Compassion & Mercy Associates (CAMA)

Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA) is a Christ-centered relief and development agency committed to the social demonstration and verbal proclamation of the gospel. CAMA staff members seek both physical and spiritual wholeness for the people they serve.  They have translated short-term relief into long-term development projects that emphasize local ownership and sustainability, capitalizing on local strengths and resources.